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GutterStuff Pro Easy Installation Guide

Installation of Gutterstuff Pro is both simple and cost effective. It fits neatly inside all makes and models of gutters and is completely invisible from below.

First, it is necessary to find out the size (length and width) and the profile. The length can be measured in either metres or feet (keep in mind that Gutterstuff Pro is supplied in lengths of 1.2m / 4ft). Now the width, this will usually be either 4” or 5” across the top of the gutter.

Next check the gutter profile. There are three basic types:

There will also be variations on these three basic profiles – e.g. the Square / Flowline may not have vertical edges, many manufacturers make a double Ogee style gutter etc.

Gutterstuff Pro is supplied in 2 profiles:

  1. Half Round which also fits the Square / Flowline guttering and also any double Ogee profiles.
  2. K Style which is for use in Ogee / K Style guttering.

Seamless aluminium gutters are usually Ogee. Flowline is a popular profile on conservatories where Gutterstuff is highly recommended.

Gutter Guard Cover Installation:gutter

  1. All gutters should be thoroughly cleaned making sure that all downpipes are free of any obstructions.
  2. Next insert the Gutterstuff and press downwards at the edges (if there is a ridge running along the top of the gutter, press the Gutterstuff below this). The insert is now in position.
  3. For added peace of mind it is recommended to add a dab of roof sealer every metre or so for protection against extreme weather conditions. This would be especially beneficial in Half Round profile gutters.
  4. Some cutting may be required to facilitate corners etc. This can be done with a sharp scissors or knife.
  5. Do not stretch the material to make it fit as it will revert to it’s original form and leave gaps.
  6. Please always ensure you work safely.LadderSafety3.2

If your gutter has ‘gutter spikes’ (usual on seamless gutters), you can either simply place the Gutterstuff under the spike or if necessary you can place on top. To place on top you can cut a slit on the underside of the piece so that the Gutterstuff fits neatly over the spike.


  • Gutterstuff Pro is impregnated with an environmentally friendly fungicide and biocide to prevent biological growth within the product.gutter

  • Gutterstuff Pro is Latex coated with a built in fire retardant and UV protection.
  • Gutterstuff Pro does not crack, contract deteriorate or freeze even in temperatures as low as -50c.
  • Gutterstuff Pro does not crack, expand or deteriorate in temperatures as high as +50c.
  • Gutterstuff Pro is a fully patented product.
  • Gutterstuff Pro is supplied in 4 foot / 1.2 metre lengths in 4 inch or 5 inch width.

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